Sunday, October 28, 2012

Design Challenge -Sharyl McMillian-Nelson

Back at the end of September, I signed up for a Design Challenge on Sharyl's Jewelry blog. It was in conjunction with NKP Designs, using some of her artbeads. We were mailed a packet of beads and asked to design a piece of jewelry. The idea was to see what 10 different jewelry designers would come up with using the same beads. I loved the beads. When I received the beads, they were more beautiful in person. I enjoyed working with them and I combined them with sterling silver. The ear wires and headpins are handmade and hammered, I also used one of these headpins for the focal bead. Although I believe my necklace and earrings turned out great, I am unable to show a photo of them. First my camera was in the car, then when I got my camera I took a couple of pictures and of course the battery died. And I still have not found my charger for the battery (of course it is not one you can charge with USB). I have been looking since last night and still no charger, I must have really put it somewhere good so the little ones couldn't get it. I can take a picture with my phone but I do not know how to transfer it to my blog. I will post it on facebook, I think that I can anyways, and when I find my charger post on my blog. I was so excited about this challenge and upset that I can not post my pictures. I am sorry to dissappoint everyone, including myself.


  1. So glad you were able to get your creation posted, Cheri! Thanks for your ongoing efforts!

    I really like the placement of the beads and clasp on your necklace! A bit of the unexpected and yet very well balanced. It looks extra-long too, just the way I like to wear my own necklaces!

    Sorry for the difficulties you had in posting, but so glad to hear you enjoyed working with Natalie's beads and participating in the challenge. It was a pleasure to have you join us! --Sharyl

    1. Thank you Sharyl, I do love her beads and thank you for hosting this. Everyone's designs are different..I couln't get my earrings posted with my camera, but they are on facebook and I tagged you. The side clasp is one of my signatures, I started usimg the side decorative clasp for one of my home shows and customers liked them so it kind of became a signature of mine. It seems we all have something that links us to our jewelry.

  2. Oh, how well I know this camera story! I'm always looking for my camera, or my sd card. You created a lovely necklace with Natalie's beads, I'm so glad you found the camera. I do like the side clasp as well. :)

  3. Cheri, so glad you were able to get pictures. Your necklace is yet another one of the quite successful simple designs. It is lovely. Great job!