Friday, November 30, 2012

I was lucky to get two beautiful choices for my color palette.
And I choice Desert to Forest, the beautiful greens and purples.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bracelets for Hope Campaign

Sue Beads is hosting this wonderful blog for November 25th. Are you familiar with the 7,000 Bracelets for Hope campaign? Many of us bead makers and jewelry designers are. It's a bracelet program for people or families who suffer rare genetic diseases. Here's a bit of information directly from their donation page: "Cause bracelets have been available for breast cancer and heart disease but there has never been a unifying symbol, color or bracelet that represents the rare and genetic disease community. That’s why we started the 7,000 Bracelets for Hope™ campaign. Since launching the campaign in 2010, Global Genes has received thousands of unique blue themed bracelet designs made from everything from cut strips of recycled denim to vintage blue glass to turquoise stones. The creativity from our volunteers is truly inspiring! The number 7,000 represents the 7,000 different rare diseases that impact 1 in 10 people, 30 million Americans and 350 million globally. Each individual blue bracelet design we receive represents the uniqueness of one of the 7,000 rare diseases and many of our volunteers send in multiple copies of a single design. Our goal is to continue to collect unique bracelets made by jewelry designers, artists, crafters, church groups, girl scout troops and other volunteers and distribute them to our families fighting rare and genetic diseases. Adults receive handcrafted bracelets made by our jewelry designers while children receive love friendship bracelets filled with hope."

Monday, November 19, 2012

3rd Annual Challenge of Color Blog Hop Nov. 30, 2012

I was lucky to get two beautiful choices for my color palette.
And I choice Desert to Forest, the beautiful greens and purples.

Monday, November 12, 2012

To participate in the charm swap, you must be willing to make enough charms for everyone in your group (including yourself) AND one extra so that a set of charms can be auctioned to benefit Beads of Courage. This means if your group has 10 people, you will make and send a total of 11 charms. One charm is a “donation” to be auctioned off to Beads of Courage. The last swap we made about $150 for BOC. (I would have to look it up for the exact donation because I don’t remember for sure). I was lucky to be involved with this group and help benefit the Beads of Courage. It was fun creating charms, this was my first try at this. I bought the Big Kick and have used it a few times for copper earrings and I thought it would work for my charms. I was happy with my finished product and so excited for my package to arrive with my charm swap. As you can see my camera is still not working so the photo is not updated yet.
Please view the Beads of Courage link to help increase the money collected for this auction. Here is the charm that I created with a metal shaped guitar pick with an embossed silly little owl!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lorelei's Blog
Lorelei Eurto is hosting 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift Swap and I put my name in the hat and was one of the lucky ones chosen for Group 1 Beads and Components. Here is a list of the participants, and as you can see I am in great company. Group 1 Bead & Component 1. Lorelei Eurto 2. Marcy Lamberson of Studio Marcy 3. Donna Millard 4. Pam Ferrari 5. Kathleen Lange Klik 6. Kristi Bowman 7. Carolyn Chenault 8. Renetha Stanziano 9. Karen Totten 10. Cheri Reed 11. Francesca Watson 12. Inge von Roos Group 2 General 1. Lorelei Eurto 2. Whimsy’s Wonders 3. Suzzette Bentley 4. Jodie Marshall 5. Therese Frank 6. Amy Freeland 7. Andrew Thornton 8. Erin Prais-Hintz 9. Melissa Trudinger 10. Toltec Jewels 11. Suzanne Reynolds 12. Gina Hockett

Sunday, November 4, 2012

2012 Charm Swap

I am so excited that my charms are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. The reveal is scheduled for November 12, 2012...thank goodness I do not have to wait until then to open the box. This was so much fun, I can not wait until the next one. This was the first time I made a charm, it was fun.

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