Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12 Days of Christmas!

When the packages started arriving, my anticipation started growing, I finally get to open present number one for Lorelei's 12 Days of Christmas bead and component gift exchange! Lorelei Eurto hosted a 12 Days of Christmas exchange, it involved signing up for either Group #1; the bead and component group or Group #2; the gift group. I was chose for Group #1. Group #1 will be for Components/Pendants/Beads- You will create by hand ( no store bought beads/components please) 11 beads or components and for 11 days, you'll open each component, and chronicle gifted beads on your blogs. Group #2 will be general gifts- Since we all love handmade gifts, I suggest you make these gifts by hand, but they can be in any genre you like. Ornaments, Jewelry, prints, potholders, whatever you desire! Be creative and give gifts that you would love to receive yourself. The first gift was to be opened on Christmas day, following each day afterwards until all gifts are open. We skip the day that we were assigned, in my case Day 10. Here is my package that I sent!
This is my gift from Lorelei, I couldn't have picked a better gift from her myself! Love these!

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